hmm. It’s Old now

seems like for every phase of my life i would create a new blog. lol. like b4 ns was the old one (blogspot). during NS was this one (wordpress). and After NS, i’ve gone back to Blogspot again lol.

Well here you go. The link to my new blog.




I’ve just created another blog for myself lol. haha kinda cool. hahahahax and its quite fun to configure it lol.  =)

i really can’t contain my itch of feeling. it feels like i’m itching from inside out. wads bad abt it is that i can’t scratch to relieve the itch.

staying home is suicidal now. i merely spent a day at home after going out the entire day ytd and i freaking can’t endure it any more..  i srsly need some kind of jolt. i dno what it needs to be. anything. really. anything.

The Subs

k well maybe i am late into catching this song/band… haha bt wadeva and here goes.



Lol, today i just got coaxed out of buying a laptop Pre-Uni. haha and i was like so damn in a hype for buying one when i started out the day.. Frankly speaking, i know its the right choice not to buy that laptop, but i feel like spending my money buying one lolx… so i am sorta writing this post to convince myself that i dun need a laptop now and getting one in Uni would be more stable + specs then would be better. hahax. Mau is lyk gonna curse at this. haha freaking made her walk from Suntec Convention to Mac’s @ marina ctr to look at e brochures that  we have collected and then walk all the way back to Suntec Convention so that i could go and touch that Asus UL30VT’s buttons.. haha reason: to have a feel of what i was gonna buy. hahahaa.. freaking ended up being talked out of it after meeting the guys at bugis. Say wad.. Asus heats up fast, Asus support lousy, 1.3ghz dual core sux, Uni purchase laptop can get support directly thru Uni (which became the primary reason of me not buying it; but who the hell buy sth expecting it to spoil…..)!!!!!!! My goodness i sure do hope that the batt life of the Uni laptops offered will be like 10 hrs or more on single charge  by August….

Now i dno what to spend my money on manz… for those tat dno.. i saved 1.5k for my Korea trip with the CSS dudes originally (now they should be there go karting or sth..), so cuz of my final opt date being to close to the korea trip, i decided to forgo the korea trip. AND FOR TAT 1.5K, I FREAKING SCRIMP AND SAVE TILL I WAS DDDDAAAAAMMMMMNNN MISERABLE for my final month in camp.. (MY GOODNESS LEHZ, imagine 1 month of offs and leave spent thru the month yet cannot spend on going out… that is like TOTALLY NO LIFE macham tio house arrest..)…… SO you see where i am coming from.. why i muz spend tat 1.5k… zzz i dno how to spend it on myself really.. i really need to spend it to do justice to my 1 month of ORD life…

Handphone is out of the picture for now; iphone 4g coming out v soon (gonna w8 till 4g come out and decide if i want to get the 3g)

Laptop is out (zzl says save the 1.5 k till uni starts then use it to buy the laptop – my P.O.V. is tat that wouldn’t make me very happy cuz by then i would have to start mugging and can’t exp the joy of having tat lappy)


Surgery Day

Just came back from my afternoon surgery over at AH. Things are looking good, apart from my mouth feeling sore from all the stitching.

I had 2 parts to the surgery; one was where i had to expose the implant and place the abutment, and the other was to place the temporary crowning on the abutment.

The first part was painful to start with – The dentist had to inject me like 6/7 times around the area.. it wasn’t really painful but somehow it just triggers the tear gates.. The nurses then covered my body + face with the usual green surgery cloth exposing only my mouth.. but cuz of my rather protrusive nose, i could peep at what was happening – not clearly but sufficient to get a rough understanding of what was happening. after that she got her nurses to start sucking blood or sth from my mouth and i was like wondering.. have it started already? why the suction?… then i realised.. it had already begun for quite sometime alr. lol.. then the drilling and bla bla bla proceeded.. somehow the dentist couldn’t get to the metal fitting of the implant which was placed into my upper-front jaw section like 6 months ago. She then spoke out to a fellow nurse saying,” Bone are like this, so strange. When u don’t want it to grow it just grows.” Well apparently, during those 6 months, my jaw bone overgrew and covered the metal fitting (which is like the female part of a screw; aka the nut). So she decided,” hmm.. i want to take a picture of this before i actually proceed on.” Then the surgery crew started to take photos of my exposed tooth socket before finally proceeding onto the fitting of the screw. And now, cuz my front gum where the implant is supposed to sit in is not as plump as the rest, the dentist had to do soft tissue harvesting from my pallet and place it at the gum ( basically just extracting gum from one place and putting it somewhere else). Then for some reason, my soft tissue is weird also.. so they started taking photos of it as well =.=||| And somehow during then, i guess the anesthetics started to wear off, and only the extraction of the soft tissue was done.. i started to be able to feel what they were doing.. that period was damn antagonizing.. i weeped under the green surgery cloth and i was like.. no way was i gonna complain about the pain for they will just jab me with more anesthetics that also hurt.. i was thinking.. just a while more.. just a while more.. but it felt like it was like more than 5 mins…

well that was done.. here comes part 2…

well part 2 was painless. Another dentist attended to me with her own crew of nurses. She fitted the crowning on the abutment and coloured it to make it darker as you would have known by now.. the 2 adjacent front tooth are rather yellowish cuz of the patching done to them (they were previously chipped off by about half during the accident). Then she tells me after all is done that cuz it is immediately after the surgery, my gum (which is refering to the part above the implant) was rather high, thus exposing the abutment area when i do a full smile.. So she would have to monitor the growth of the gum tissue around the area and see if another soft tissue grafting was needed to cover it up. But that would be 4 months from now.

For now, i would have to gurgle my mouth gently for 2 days b4 being able to brush normally and would have to rest the implant till 1 week b4 eating food like burgers.. and as the implant is a temporary crowning.. it may come off, so i can’t go about crunching my apples as yet. The 2nd dentist would monitor my progress every month till its 4 month, when she will fit in the permanent crowing. And during which, i got serveral options ( all meant for aesthetic reasons) – 1. put veneers on the adjacent 2 tooth to make it whiter (or not bother about the colour difference at all) 2. To cover the abutment should my gum not show progress – either lengthen the implant tooth or do a  soft tissue graft to cover it up, where the latter would be better aesthetically.


over this weekend, i’ve said “travel insurance” like 1000000000000 times…………………. and have walked for COUNTLESS HOURS…..!!!!!!!!!

haha but after hearing tat we were quite highly paid, i didn’t mind =) Natas travel fair was quite boring tho.. the crowd is nth compared to the IT fair.

Worked tgt with jon + jem and suddenly realised.. eh? daniel choo… hahaha.

After all tat walking we decided.. we shall swim tmr..(when our 3 day work over the weekend has ended). MY GOODNESS i hope there is like brilliant sun.. sth tat will remind me of Redang Days.. and i shall float my legs over the water with half my body rested on the swimming pool edge. tat would be really really RELAXING!!!

on the down side. i didnt manage to get the bintan “OGL-like” job. damn. OGL for YJC!!! + have FUN + AT BINTAN + $400!! .. zzz bt i didn’t get it. well o well.. couldn’t make it for any of the training dates anywayz.. just consoling myself. hahaha bt truely. 28 feb i have the Natas job and 2nd March i have my MOST IMPT SURGERY!!! after 2nd MARCH I WILL NOT BE TOOTHLESS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!! =) tuesday!!! =)